Websites providing information and advice for Investors

Note! The following are listed ONLY because they appear to have something interesting and relevant to say that might affect UK freedom and future prosperity.  Organisations listed below are not listed because of any recommendation or preference.

Strategian US based.  Details give appear to be technical and unemotive rather than advocating any political position on Brexit.  Videos on the Strategian Youtube channel include commentary on the very serious weaknesses in the Irish and Italian economies.  Any investor should ensure they take heed of such comments – even if only to prove that Strategam are wrong!
Zero Hedge Zero Hedge or Zerohedge is described as a "markets focused blog".  Also provides news which is described by some as "Alt Right Anti-Establishment or Conspiritorial".  Zero Hedge must be hitting the mark to be insulted. Insults are the only defence available to the supporters of neoglobalism.