Are you looking for work?

How does the EU affect you?


EU laws allow any EU citizen to move to the UK.  Housing costs are increased by high demand.  More people require more homes.  More homes could be built to reduce costs.  However, cheaper houses would also increase economic immigration. 


EU laws prevent UK Nationals from being given higher benefits than EU Nationals.  The UK tax payer cannot afford to pay higher benefits to everybody coming from the EU.  The only option is to cut benefits for everybody.

JobsEU laws allow any EU citizen to come to the UK to find work. More workers mean fewer available jobs and low pay. Economic migrants can earn much more in the UK even if they could find work in their home country.  It is worthwhile for economic migrants to come to the UK to work even for what are low wages in the UK.  Economic migrants can send money to their home country. Employers do not need to move into areas of high unemployment if workers come to them.  Economic migrants do not have families in the UK and are not tied to living in one area.   Economic migrants are willing to work anywhere.  Employers do not need to move.