Organisations campaigning for UK freedom and independence

Brexit Central Latest Brexit news. ERG publish Your Right To Know – the case against the Government’s Brexit deal
Campaign for an Independent Britain Long established cross party campaign group.  Solid information
Conservative Home
Democracy Movement Europe yes, EU No
European Journal One of the first organisations to sound the alarm bells. Bill Cash.
Economists for Britain Good source of research data
European Freedom and Direct Democracy Group within European Parliament
European Research Group ERG Wiki page
Facts4EU Original Brexit Research & News also Brexit Battle Pack (Key item!!!)
Get Britain Out Independent, cross-party, grassroots Eurosceptic group
Grassroots Out Cross party campaign group party with active members.
Historians for Britain
Leave.EU Cross party campaign group party with active members from all Political Parties.
Leavers of Britain Leavers of Britain – Who we are A nationwide community of Leave voters
Students For Britain Not all students are taken in by EU propaganda
Trade Unions Against the EU No2EU. What the EU really means if you are a worker (or anybody else).  Probably one of the best web sites to provide a clear message.  A must read for everybody even if you are not a union member
Vote Leave Campaign group party with active members.

Organisations campaigning against UK freedom and independence,

Britain Stronger in Europe

Say Yes 2 Europe
Key 103 Very keen on remaining in 2017. No mention of Brexit.
The New European Seem to focus on insults and belittling rather than coherent arguments.

Information and Analysis

News (Do not believe everything you read AND what they are NOT talking about)

BBC News Always find an alternative view point view.  What are the BBC not talking about?
The Commentator Good source of information
Daily Mail
Daily Express
Financial Times
The Guardian More keen to highlight differences in the Conservative Party than report the benefits of EU subjugation
Guido Fawkes An irreverant look at the news.  Asks awkward questions without being too PC.
The Huffington Post An alternative point of view. As with all news outlets – be aware of motivation – make up you own mind.
The Independent
The New Statesman   It must be so awful having to share one's world with the hoi polloi and deplorables.
Russia Today Strapline "Question More".  RT claims to expose liberal and establishment hypocrisy.  An alternative viewpoint.  Is RT any more biased than the BBC?  It is interesting to know what the BBC is not reporting.  Fake news comes in two forms – misinformation and concealment.  RT might be like the BBC – worth watching but you do not have to believe everything.
The Spectator
The Sun
The Daily Telegraph

UK Political Parties open to all UK citizens British National Party Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Lenninist.  Do NOT be fooled by the name.  The CP have some very sound and logical  articles. The Conservative Party The Green Party The Labour Party The Socialist Workers Party United Kingdom Independence Party

Special interest organisations with political interest and influence in the UK independence debate

They are speaking for themselves.  What is their motivation?
1  Organisations outside the UK >The European Union Our real leaders until 23 June 2016 The United State of America Government The US President

2  Political parties representing only parts of the UK The Scotish National Party Scottish independence but in the EU? The Welsh National Party

3  Business organisations The Confederation of British Industry The British Chambers of Commerce Controlled by No 10? National Farmers Union Sitting on the fence because a small number for farmers make a lot of money from the EU gravy train.

4  Employee Oranisations Bakery, Food and Allied Workers The nearest mention of the Referendum is supporting the opening of UK borders to Calais Jungle "refugees". GMB What is the GMB position on the EU? National Union of Students Turkeys voting for Christmas. Rail, Maritime and Transport The RMT is listening to their members and campaigning to leave the EU. There is very little else shown on the RMT website so must be towing the Labour Party line." The Trades Union Congress Support remaining in EU but what about the workers?  No mention of 30 million unemployed Europeans wanting to come to the UK. Unite More interested  workers rights than jobs and wages.  Workers rights are not much use if your job has been taken by an economic migrant.

5 Academic and Research Organisations The Adam Smith Institute Independent think tank promoting libertarian and free market ideas National Institute for Economic and Social Research Claim to be neutral. Beware that some strong economic arguments are narrow.  i.e.  Immigration is claimed to be good for economics but no mention is made of loss of social cohesion and unemployment of UK nationals.

6  Religious Organisations The Muslim Council of Britain The Board of Deputies of British Jews The Church of England >The Catholic Church