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24Dec18 The Coming Franco-German Bust-Up
11Jun16 Telegraph EU referendum: 'Panicked' Remain camp plans to 'take out Boris' as opinion polls swing in Brexit campaign's favour
11Jun16 Independent EU Referendum: Massive swing to Brexit – with just 12 days to go
9Jun16 Telegraph Leave won the ITV debate –and Boris Johnson looks like a future Prime Minister
9Jun16 Daily Mail So much for scare stories – Mr Cameron: Data shows the economy is growing faster; factory output is on the rise… and now a £590bn fund backs Britain 
8June16 Zerohedge.com Germany May Be A Bigger Threat To The European Union Than Brexit
9May16 Youtube Boris Johnson: We will be vindicated by history (full speech) Definitive
7Jun16 Express Outrage as Pro-EU MPs could DEFY Brexit and BLOCK Britain from leaving the single market
6Jun16 Telegrah David Cameron's deal with Harriet Harman could win the EU referendum – and destroy his leadership 
6Jun16 Telegrah Pro-Remain MPs could trigger 'constitutional crisis' by using Commons majority to keep Britain in the EU after Brexit vote
2Jun16 DailyMail EU rules force Britain to let in criminals and terror suspects – Michael Gove claims as he warns the Government is powerless to stop it without Brexit
2Jun16 Express EU immigration will FORCE young people to live with their parents former minister warns
1Jun16 Social Europe Support For Brexit Is No Longer A Minority Viewpoint On The British Left
31May16 You Tube The moment of truth Pat Condell's thoughts.  Excellent presentation.
31May16 Sun Brexiters rejoice as Nicola Sturgeon billed to appear for Remain camp on EU referendum TV debate
31May16 Sun Pound slides sharply against the US Dollar as polls shows voters are leaning towards Brexit
31May16 Guardian UK voters leaning towards Brexit Guardian poll reveals
30May16 Sun Poll reveals almost half of Labour voters are clueless over party's EU position as Corbyn relaxes on holiday
30May16 Guardian Brexit would free UK from 'spirit-crushing' green directives; says minister Not quite the title you might expect to read in the Guardian. Are they now hedging their bets?
30May16 Telegraph There may be no good outcome for David Cameron to the EU referendum
30May16 Daily Mail Tories nuclear letter: It's civil war as Gove and Boris write to PM accusing him of damaging democracy with lies over immigration
30May16 Daily Mail Ex-Bank of England chief blasts referendum campaign: Lord King says both sides are 'insulting the intelligence of voters' with 'wildly exaggerated' claims Criticise both sides if you want to be seen to be superior.
27May16 Euro Exchange Rate News Weekly EU Referendum and Pound to Euro News – EU Referendum Arguments Erupt on Week of Purdah
26May16 Telegraph Europe's voters are getting angry. Leaders should listen to them instead of sneering
26May16 Express WATCH: IDS and Jacqui Smith in heated row as net migration figures INCREASE
26May16 Daily Mail Record number of jobless EU migrants in Britain: Hammer blow for PM as 270000 EU nationals came here last year
26May16 Sun Rod Liddle: Stick two fingers up to EU president Junker…who thinks democracy can’t be left to the people
26May16 Express SHOCK CLAIM: David Cameron would vote for BREXIT if he wasn't PM; ex-policy chief says
25May16 Express Major leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU
25May16 Guardian Former military officers join Brexit campaign
25May16 Express Major leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU The obvious effect of TTIP.1
25May16 Express Brilliant moment Wetherspoons boss tells UK exactly why PM is NOT telling truth on Brexit
25May16 Express WATCH: Rousing moment MP tells voters to 'banish this puppet parliament' by backing Brexit
24May16 Express Who are they' Farcical moment pro-EU Harriet Harman fails to recognise 7 top EU officials
24May16 DailyMail Generals fight for Brexit: Our forces would be stronger outside 'not fit for purpose' EU Says a dozen former top brass
24May16 Conservative Home Christopher Howarth: Cameron’s Hollow Deal 2) We gave up a veto – and may not get what we were promised in return
23May16 Express EU students leave UK taxpayers £89MILLION bill by fleeing without paying tuition fees
23May16 Spectator If Brexit solves the housing crisis; bring it on
23May16 Sun PM: UK's run by Brussels; not me
23May16 Daily Mail Why we MUST quit the EU; by Cameron's guru: Friend and strategist Steve Hilton breaks ranks on Brexit to say Britain will be 'literally ungovernable' unless we take back power from the self-serving elite
23May16 International Business Times EU referendum: Football fans back Brexit even if it makes Champions League more expensive
23May16 Express Female Italian EU boss behind migrant chaos set to order BRITISH ARMY into battle Despite owing its allegiance to the Crown; the British Army was even ordered to emblazoned Headquarter vehicles with EU flags asserting beyond any doubt that they were not involved in a Nato exercise.
22May17 Sunday Politics Andrew Neil interview with Carolyn Fairburn CBI Head   Car crash with lies exposed.  Absolutely brilliant.
21May16 Express Labour's BREXIT SPLIT: Millions to defy Corbyn over Europe as anti-EU movement sweeps left Hopefully members of the Labour Party will have more sense than their apparatchiks. (I have just spoken to a Sheffield man whose 18 year old son has just given up his first job after 4 weeks. The reason – nobody spoke to him.  The entire work site was Polish).
21May16 Guardian Polls show Tory voters are pushing Britain towards staying in EU  No time for complacency – Vote for freedom and democracy.
21May16 Guardian TTIP symbolises the worst of global capitalism. Cameron pushes it at his peril  The Guardian seems to be struggling with its holier than-thou-thought managment.  Supporting the EU and being against TTIP!
20May16 Daily Mail Migrants spark housing crisis: Now EU tells Britain to build more homes as open borders send population soaring
20May16 Spectator This luvvies’ letter warning against Brexit isn’t worth the paper it’s written on
20May16 Express WATCH: We MUST quit European Union to stop migrant 'deluge'; Ukip MEP says
20May16 Get Britain Out Prof. Tim Congdon CBE Hammers the ‘Remain’ Campaign’s Economic Scare Stories
20May16 The Commentator Britain’s Foreign Aid Squandered by the EU
19May16 Yahoo News Unions backing Brexit condemn 'workers' rights myth'
19May16 BBC Paxman in Brussels:  Who really rules us? BBC iPlayer.  Well worth watching.
19May16 Daily Mail Migrant workers blow to Cameron: Calls for Brexit boosted as explosive official figures show record 2.2m from the EU working in Britain
19May 16 Express GET US OUT: European Union does NOTHING to help British workers; trade unions say
19May16 Dialy Mail EU rules force British officials to choose between handing top secret intelligence to terror suspects or letting them walk into Britain unchallenged
19May16 Express PM forced to accept Brexit MPs' change to Queen's Speech to avoid devastating defeat
18May16 Daily Mail Foreign workers took more than HALF of all jobs in the last year as official statistics suggest the jobs market is 'cooling off'
17May16 Huffington Post The Progressive Case for Brexit
17May16 The Commentator Brexit is about democracy. If Remain wins on June 23; European democracy is over
17May16 Express BOMBSHELL REPORT: Mass immigration is costing Britain £17 BILLION each year
17May16 Daily Mail David Cameron's EU sham exposed: Leaked letter reveals PM hatched anti-Brexit plot … while still telling voters he could campaign to leave Anybody surprised?
17May16 Daily Mail Ex-MI6 boss fears migration could spark rise of far Right and warns 'terrorist virus' will grow if EU can't control its borders
16 May16 Daily Mail How living wage 'will slow salary rises for other staff': Employees may not get an increase until 2020 while some could also lose out on benefits  Thank the Polish prime minister for this one.  She would not allow Dave to change the UK benefit system.
16May16 Daily Mail Brexit will help us create jobs say 300 top business chiefs who have called on Britain to vote to leave the EU
13May16 Nasdaq Exclusive Brexit Poll Results: The Case for Brexit vs. Remain  Nasdaq polling indicates that the majority expect Brexit.  This might be the the case.  Do not risk it. Get out and vote for freedom.
13May16 Economist The Economist’s “Brexit” poll-tracker 41% Remain; 40% leave; 14% don't know.  Do not risk it – get out and vote for freedom.
12May16 Daily Mail Immigration from the EU was TRIPLE official estimates: Embarrassment for ministers as including 'short term' workers in official data sends migrant total soaring
11May16 Sun Could anything be more ridiculous? Brits must give Churchill's two fingers to Cameron's WW3 EU threats
11May16 Daily Mail Mass migration and the threat to Britain's social fabric liberals can no longer ignore Trevor Phillips
10May Express Boris speech tears apart arguments for staying in
10May16 Vote Leave Iain Duncan Smith: Are we in this together? Full text of IDS speech
10May16 Sun Cam's in her hans: Germany SABOTAGED David Cameron's EU renegotiation and he let them: IDS sensationally claims
10May16 Sun Ahead of the curve: Biggest Brit poll gives Leave campaign a six point lead ‘Even has Scotland and Northern Ireland voting to leave the EU’  Do not be complacent.  Vote for Freedom.
10May16 Sun Brexit-backing businesses are on the rise; according to latest BCC poll British Chambers of Commerce findings are different from those of the CBI and the Institute of Directors
9 May16 Express New feature-length documentary film shows why we must vote for Brexit Key reasons on why the UK will be safer, more prosperous and free as an independent self governing democracy.
8May16 Telegraph Far from keeping Britain safe; the European Union is a threat to peace
7May16 The Commentator Our democracy is not for sale to the EU
7May16 Telegraph Migration pressure on schools revealed
5May16 Express   'It's a HUGE error…the EU has rolled over to Turkey' EU opens door to 79M from Turkey
30Apr16 Economist How others see it  Even EU fantasists at the Economist are jointing project fear.  They are more concerned with the effect on the EU rather than the UK.
21 Apr17 Sun  Nick Clegg blasted for claiming it would be 'unpatriotic' to back a Brexit in the EU referendum Nick Clegg was paid £36660 by Barclays and £22500 by Goldman Sachs to make pro-EU speeches in the past six months.
21Apr16 Daily Mail Most voters say Britain doesn't get value for money out of the EU: Majority say they would prefer £8.5bn is spent on the NHS
20Apr16 Express WATCH: Aussie politician makes passionate case for Britain to quit ‘disintegrating’ EU
20Apr16 Daily Mail 'Simple minded!' Former Bank of England governor lashes out at Treasury's dire assessment of Brexit risks  The former governor of the Bank of England has dismissed the Treasury's 'simple minded' assessment of the risks from Brexit.
19Apr16 Daily Mail  Osborne's 3 million migrants clanger: Brexit Tories savage chancellor over EU 'propaganda' dossier that admits Britain's population will SOAR
18Apr16 Spectator The deceptions behind George Osborne's Brexit report Explains how Osborne cooked the dodgy dossier.
18Apr16 Express Tory MP mocks George Osborne’s ‘back of an envelope’ sums over Brexit warning
18Apr16 Daily Mail And still they come! Government’s Brexit report admits there is no chance of David Cameron hitting his immigration target;Treasury report assumes that the number will only move 'towards' 185000 by 2021
16Apr16 DailyMail Health tourists’ NHS loophole: EU nationals don’t need special card – or even any ID – to get free treatment; minister admits Folk are blaming the UK Government rather than the EU.  It is EU rules which prevent the NHS asking for identification because it would discriminate against EU citizens.
16Apr16 Express  WATCH: Roaring Boris BURIES pro-EU camp and sets out vision for 'glorious' British future
16Apr16 Sun Boris Johnson: PM and Osborne are Gerald Ratners of politics because they know EU is ‘cr*p’
16Apr16 DailyMail 80000 children may miss out on their first choice of primary school: Crisis intensifies following baby boom fuelled by migration
15Apr16 Express Corbyn says Britain does not have ‘too many’ EU migrants but they do need to be paid MORE Corbyn will need new labour voters to replace those whose jobs he is giving away.
114Apr16 Sun Corbyn slammed for sensational claims about EU migration Corbyn wants to carry on the Blair tradition of giving away jobs and suppressing wages
11Apr16 Express Doctors; nurses and paramedics urge voters to back Brexit in order to ‘save the NHS’ The NHS pays £2 Billion pounds per year to treat EU nationals.  Only 20% is paid back.
11Apr16 Sun Outrage as Cameron poaches top civil servants for secret EU referendum 'war-room' Cameron has got to do something to rig the vote.
11Apr16 Daily Mail David Miliband attacks Jeremy Corbyn's failed leadership on the EU as 50% of Labour voters say they don't know the party's position on the referendum Milliband is paid £425000 as boss of a refugee charity! Not bad for a Marxist. He does not even live in the UK.
11Apr16 Guardian I resigned so I could tell the truth about Brexit – and what it will cost Britain to stay John Longworth
11Apr16 EurActiv Why we should ban referenda on EU policies by Fraser Cameron One cannot have the voters getting in the way. 'Perhaps it is time for an EU ban on referenda!'.
11Apr16 Daily Mail Cameron's EU renegotiation is nothing more than a deal 'hammered out down the local bazaar' and isn't legally binding says top eurocrat
11Apr16 EurActiv Graf Lambsdorff: EU ‘clearly went too far’ in Brexit concessions MEPs are already deciding how to reverse Cameron's so-called reforms.
11Apr16 Express EU wants control of YOUR pension: Brussels' secret plan REVEALED The EU is delaying legislation to control pensions and benefits until after the UK Freedom Referendum.
11APr16 Daily Mail EXPOSED. Pro-EU cheer leaders in the pay of Brussels Hardly a surprise given the anti-democratic structure of the EU.
10Apr16 Sunday Express 'Our economy would be better with a Brexit' Employment Minister blasts EU membership
10Apr16 Reuters  EU to propose visa-free travel for Ukraine despite Dutch vote: source So much for democracy
10Apr16 Telegraph Staying in the EU is a leap in the dark with both legs shackled
10Apr16 Sunday Times  EU tax judgments could cost Britain £50bn
10Apr16 The Commentator Merkel would force fair deal for Britain under Brexit Gernany, Spain and many other countries rely on the profit they make by trading with the UK.  The UK loses more than £1 Billion per week trading with the the EU.
10Apr16 Daily Mail £2billion fiasco as huge recycling plant dumped: Hundreds of workers facing the sack as PFI facility is shut down leaving thousands of tons of waste destined for landfill PFI is a cunning plan to get around John Major's EU Maastricht Treaty. Maastricht limits government borrowing for infrastructure projects. Instead of Government borrowing the money, somebody else pays. The debt does not show on the Government books. Pretty clever eh? However, interest still has to be paid on the PFI debt by the hospital, local council, MOD etc
9Apr16 Telegraph It is Germany itself; not a Brexit; that will destroy the eurozone Will the EU survive in the long term even with Brexit? The EU is the same as USSR – it is socially and financially unstable.
9Apr16 Mirror We must stop dodgy David Cameron trying to buy EU referendum result he wants Very significant article – Even the EU loving Mirror is now backing both sides.
9Apr16 The Commentator Government EU propaganda pamphlet will backfire
9Apr16 The Commentator British Farmers Will Fare Best From Brexit British farmers are being ripped off by the EU. Project Fear is trying to scare farmers, and everyone else, into thinking it will all go to pot if we Brexit. It won't.
8Apr16 Huffington Post Cameron Fiddles While the Steel Industry Burns
7Apr16 Telegraph Victory for Eurosceptics as Dutch reject EU-Ukraine deal in referendum
7Apr16 Telegraph 'Biased and hysterical': Government's £9million anti-Brexit letter sparks fury A policy straight from the EU propaganda rule book – just keep saying something until people believe it.
7Apr16 The Construction Index Protests are being held today at three incinerator construction sites over migrant workers being paid less than half the nationally agreed rate One good reason that some companys think the EU is a good idea.
6Apr16 Guido Fawkes Eurocrats dismiss Dutch vote 'Agreement EU/Ukraine already approved by 29 democratic EU parliaments'
6Apr16 Express Words of wisdom from Lord Owen on NHS and Brexit; says Leo McKinstry ….the EU’s obsession with free movement that Britain has become responsible for providing healthcare to millions of European migrants.
4Apr16 Daily Mail PFI deals will cost us £4000 each: Latest figures show private companies are owed £209bn as a result of scheme to rebuild schools and hospitals PFI is just a cunning plan to get around EU borrowing rules.
4Apr16 Times EU rules could block steel industry rescue Did anybody expect anything else?
4Apr16 Telegraph  Pity the Port Talbot workers – their country is powerless to help them UK energy costs are 80% higher than the EU – Why?
4Apr16 Daily Mail Britain 'will thrive after Brexit': Leaving will boost pay and jobs says Tory high-flier …big businesses were backing the Remain camp is because they want to keep down the pay of British workers…
2Apr16 Telegraph Furious row over future of the NHS as health becomes latest EU battleground Every child born or 'anchor baby' is the golden key to full access to all UK benefits for baby and family.  Acceleration up the housing list, health, education..
2Apr16 Express Where is YOUR money going? EU migrant mothers 'cost the NHS a staggering £1.3 BILLION' What about the post-natal health costs? Child benefits and education? What about the cost for non-EU economic migrants?
1Apr16 Telegraph Britain 'cannot possibly absorb' number of EU migrants expected; Cabinet minister Where will they live? Who will pay for their children's education? What will happen to wages and jobs for UK nationals?
1Apr16 Daily Mail Now TWO ministers warn living wage will fuel migration as B&Q tells employees they will be sacked unless they sign a new contract that strips them of perks worth £1000 Osborne has no choice. Raising the minimum wage is aimed at reducing UK taxpayer funded Working Tax Credits. Working Tax Credits allow EU workers to be subsidised by the UK taxpayer. EU rules prevent UK workers from being paid more. Everybody has to suffer.
30Mar16 Daily Mail Give voters true figures on migrants before EU referendum; says watchdog: Concerns that current data 'falls short' of the 'full picture' The 1.3 million extra National Insurance numbers only includes people of working age – It does not included children and non-working dependents.
30Mar16 Breitbart The EU Bows Down to Turkey’s Dictatorial Demands
30Mar16 Guido Fawkes EU Green Taxes killed the  British steel industry This article says it all. Cameron and Osborne are powerless.  They need EU permission to do anything.
30Mar16 Conservative Women Rob Slane: Perhaps the witless; platitudinous Nicky Morgan is right. Our kids’ minds have turned to lefty mush A response to the claims our young people need the EU – Our young people will be paying for the EU for the rest of their lives.
29Mar16 Daily Mail EU rules are 'putting thousands of British jobs at risk' as Indian-owned Tata Steel prepares to sell its entire UK business because we can't block cheap Chinese imports EU rules on state aid and energy taxes would prevent help even if the Chinese could be stopped.
29Mar16 Daily Mail 1.6 million migrants from the EU settle in Britain: That's equal to populations of Manchester and Birmingham combined in just nine years Will this create a harmonious and cohesive society living by a common set of laws and social values?
29Mar16 Sun Exiting EU may be the only way Britain can dump gypsy gangsters building lavish mansions with YOUR cash Who said Big Issue sellers were poor!
26Mar16 Telegraph  Britain is at greater risk from terrorists inside the EU; Andrea Leadsom warns
26Mar16 Sun Hundreds of business leaders back Brexit campaign as they argue jobs will be safer outside of the EU Now big names in business are supporting UK freedom and self-determination.
25Mar16 Daily Mail Ex-CIA chief says Britain’s national security would NOT be harmed if Britain leaves the EU
25Mar16 Commentator  A fair immigration system outside the EU
24mar16 Daily Mail A lorry's stopped by Kent police and 26 migrants pour out 52 in two lorries and not one Syrian!  So much for helping real refugees.
24Mar16 Times Brexit boosts security says former MI6 chief 'Britain would make important gains in security if it left the European Union, a former head of MI6 has said in a challenge to David Cameron’s claim that membership is vital to tackling terrorism'
24Mar16 Daily Mail  Quitting EU would make Britain SAFER says former MI6 chief: Sir Richard Dearlove suggests Brexit would make it easier to deport terrorists and control our borders Why would any country not cooperate with a non-EU country if it had information.  Next time, it might be that country which benefits from UK information – as is now more often the case.
23Mar16 Daily Mail EU fails to keep us safe; says Michael Howard: Tory peer says Schengen is like 'hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe'
21Mar13 Get Britain Out EU and the facts
21Mar16 Sun  National Handout Service: Migrants owe millions for care as system struggles to cope EU laws control who can enter the UK – and who can be treated by the NHS. In 2014, EU countries charged the NHS £674 million to treat UK citizens.  EU citizens paid less than £50 million for NHS treatment.
18Mar16 Guardian  Is Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation about disability cuts – or Europe? To be fair to Osbrorne, the UK tax payer cannot afford to pay higher benefits to all EU citizens. EU laws prevent higher benefits for UK citizens. Osborne's only option is to cut benefits for all.
15Mar16 Daily Telegraph  Brexit campaign has the edge says Telegraph poll You still need to get out and vote for Freedom and Independence.  This page also includes a lot of information.
15Mar16 Daily Mail  Peter Mandelson denies he ever supported British membership of the euro – despite warning in 2003 staying out of the single currency would be a 'disaster' Gross hypocrisy and  revised history?.  Looks like Mandelsohn is now batting for both sides just in case he loses.
14Mar16 Daily Telegraph Ignore Obama – Brexit will make the Special Relationship even more special Not all Americans are telling us to remain subjugated by the EU.
14Mar16 Express New BOMBSHELL for EU: Danish politicians demand referendum after voter shift on union It is not just the UK that wants freedom and democracy
13Mar16 Daily Mail Tony Blair says Britain's unemployed are WRONG to complain migrants are taking their jobs and says they should get better education and skills instead High immigration under Blair was to prevent NuLabour being held to ransom by the Unions.
13Mar16 Guardian A rapturous day for misogyny if the EU embraces Turkey I thought the Guardian supported subjugation by the EU!  The title appears off message even if some detail is apologist.
13Mar16 Telegraph The voters deserve to know the full facts about immigration Do the numbers referred to in the article reflect the number of National Insurance numbers issued to work and to claim benefits.
13Mar16 Express New poll shows a THIRD of Brits would back Brexit if Turkey joins EU Turkey is being bribed to close its borders to Syrians by opening EU borders to 75 million Turks.
11Mar16 Daily Mail A disaster zone that's dominated by the Germans: Ex-Bank chief King's verdict on euro project It must be bad when the establishment break ranks
11Mar16 Daily Mail Tell us true number of EU migrants: Whitehall is covering up the shocking figure ahead of EU poll What is the affect on wages, housing and health services?
10Mar16 Breitbart London The EU Slags Off British Steel
3 Mar16 Daily Mail  Brexit would boost pay Ex-M&S boss said wages of low-paid workers would rise if Britain left EU
1Mar16 Daily Mail "If Britain votes to remain we're all toast" How Britain as we know it is disappearing.
3Mar16 The Independent Letters   Letters: Scots await England’s EU vote meltdown
4Mar16 The Scotsman  David Cameron says Scotland “better off” as part of the EU
4Mar16 Scottish Express  Nicola Sturgeon under fire in EU propaganda row
11Mar16 The Commentator Cameron’s EU deal is legal piffle
11Mar16 Huffington Post  Tony Blair admits he may damage the pro-EU Campaign Who would have thought it?
11Mar16 Huffington Post Sovereignty What Sovereignty?"
25Feb16 Guido Fawkes  Hungarian PM boasts – We will still get benefits without paying in Says it all about the EU.
25Feb16 Express Britain staying in EU is threat to NATIONAL SECURITY: blasts former Foreign Secretary
14Feb16 Evening Express Foreign Secretary warns that EU will punish Britain for leaving Britain will be punished by the EU for leaving because other countries will not want to see it “succeed” alone Philip Hammond has warned.
29Jan16 Daily Telegraph Liam Fox calls for Britain to leave EU and become an independent sovereign nation again
15Sep15 Guardian Trade union members could vote for UK to leave European Union
14Oct12 Daily telegraph The European Arrest Warrant serves Britain badly Dealing with extradition cases costs the British state at least £27 million a year, and the crimes they deal with are often trivial – not trival if it you who have been falsely accused!
18Jan1975 Spectator Tony Benn on the 1975 referendum I have normally agreed with Tony Benn.  However this letter was a prophecy.  It is could have been written today.