The Fundamentals of a Harmonious Society

A harmonious marriage, family, social grouping or democracy has two fundamental requirements

a) The minority must be happy and willing to accept the decisions, customs, objectives and laws of the majority for all time.

b) The majority must be happy and willing to treat all minorities as equals with fairness and justice for all time.

If either fundamental requirement cannot be achieved, then the only fair option is separation – divorce, division or independence.
The only option to prevent division of a divided society would be for all parts of the society to accept the rule of a dictator. For example, the EU. Do you want to be ruled by a dictator?

A long term harmonious democracy has never existed when its constituent parts have not been able to agree, co-operate, communicate, integrate, live by common laws, accept common customs and strive for common objectives for all time.

Forcing people to live together when they can never agree about laws, customs and religion has always ended in violence and failure.