Outside of the EU what would happen to UK citizens living in Europe, could they be deported?

About 1.3 million British citizens live in EU countries, while about 3 million EU nationals live in the UK. The top ten locations for Britons living on the continent are:

Spain 319,144 * Ireland 249,392 * France 171,346 * Germany 99,909 * Italy 65,975 * Netherlands 47,297 * Cyprus 38,844 * Poland 35,829 * Belgium 24,915 * Sweden 20,839 [vii]

Most British people living in Europe are usually working in skilled jobs, or often property owners and retirees living on their pensions. People who are established and living legally in a country are not going to be expelled; least of all because many retired British people are living in European countries that are either poor or suffering from the Euro-zone’s austerity policies (for example 18,067 living in Greece) and the income they provide is highly valued. People with an established legal residency are not going to be expelled. This prospect is just another example of the scaremongering by the Remain side.

But if I own a property in an EU member state will it be safe?

Nothing will change.  Property rights are enshrined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention of Human Rights.

EU countries cannot discriminate against UK citizens owning property – at least any more than they already do.

Millions of EU nationals who own property in the UK.  Would those living in “glass houses” really want to throw stones?