Why do more countries want to join the EU?  Is water wet?

Six countries that set up the European Economic Community in 1957.  (Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium). These were countries that had been devastated by the Second World War.  The driving force was political pact between Germany and France  Germany and France were the the main instigators of European wars.

22 more countries joined the EU since 1957.  Only the UK is is a net contributor.  The other 21 countries take more out than they put in..  Only three or four EU countries are net contributors to the EU budget. Germany is always the top contributor.  UK usually in second or third place.

More countries are waiting to join the EU.  All are poor.  All will take out more than they put in. (Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova).  Citizens of all new EU member states will be able to move to the UK for higher wages and more generous benefits.

Will the EU continue Expanding?

No!  The EU is unstable.  The EU will collapse within maybe 10-20 years.  Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal can only exist because the ECB (European Central Bank) is printing money to pay their debts.  Germany and the UK provide most of the EU hand outs to EU debtor countries.

Will German and UK tax payers carry on bailing out EU debters for ever? (Either directly through printing Euros or via EU handouts).

Poor countries will get poorer because their best and brightest citizens are allowed to move to richer countries.  New industries will not move to poorer countries because its best citizens have left for higher wages elsewhere.  Poorer countries will continue to get even poorer.  Poorer countries be even less able to pay their debts.  There is no escape from the downward spiral.  Societies will self destruct into anarchy.

Richer countries will become divided. It is not possible for large numbers of new arrivals to integrate into their new host communities.  A harmonious society can only exist if all its citizens live by the same laws and social values.  A long term harmonious democracy with separate dis-united social groupings has never existed.