Large Scale Economic Migration

The effect on the economic migrant’s home country

Does economic migration from a poor country help to make it richer?

What happens to the old, the sick and the poor when motivated and educated citizens move to rich countries to make their personal fortune?  

Who is left behind to pay taxes to pay for roads, houses, hospitals, policing and all the other infrastructure required by a modern society?

Does economic migration make a poor country healthier if its medical staff leave to earn more money overseas?

What happens to the poor, the old and the infirm in countries when its young people and medical staff have emigrate for a better life?  Who looks after Grandma?

Do the country’s children become better educated if the best teachers move to another country?

Does a poor society become more cohesive and harmonious if large numbers of immigrants arrive replace those who have emigrated? e.g.  Ukrainians emigrating to Poland to take up jobs left by Poles moving to the UK.

A country, and the whole of its society, can only become richer if it is both peaceful and productive.

Productive activity could include manufactured goods, services, natural resources or tourism.

Production creates wealth.  Wealth allows taxes to be paid for the benefit of all the country’s citizens.

How free movement is wrecking Romania

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