Spreading the message

The following are suggestions.

1 Always be positive.

– Voters do not like negative and critical arguments.

– Give the solutions – not the problems.

– Reverse every negative to make it a positive.  For example, would you “vote for freedom and independence” or would you “vote to leave the EU”?  Both statements mean the same but will get a very different response.

– You cannot be enthusiastic about negative things.
Tasty and juicy carrots are better motivators than than big and painful sticks.

2 Make the message relevant to each voter

– Make the message relevant to each voter.  For example, an unemployed person is worried about getting a job, finding a house and paying bills this week.

– Relate the persons needs to the EU.  For example, an unemployed person is not interested in sovereignty.  You might know how sovereignty is related to unemployment.  Most people do not and are not interested.

– Make the message simple.

3 Always include the EU connection – even when it is beneficial

– Nobody has ever said that freedom and independence achieved by voting to leave the EU means dumping the benefits of the EU. (There are benefits even if not that many).
– Including the EU connection shows how everything in UK life is now under the EU control. The EU connection has been deliberately hidden.  e.g.  Student debts.

– Not all the features of the EU is bad.  The remainers are trying to convince voters that the freedom and independence means destroying the beneficial effects of the EU.  For example, trade and cooperation.  Cutting all ties is nonsense and is a deliberately misleading lie.

– The positive benefits of the EU can easily be achieved by cooperation.  For example, we do not need to be ruled by a foreign power to enable universities to cooperate on research and development.

 4 Develop simple positive messages and repeat them

(Please suggest examples)

– 23 June Independence Day
– Freedom and Independence, Vote Leave
– Cooperation, not subjugation.

– Remain shackled
– To remain is insane
– Remain subjugated