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To provide information and assistance to those seeking a free, independent and prosperous future for the UK.

UK Autonomy provides

  • References, links, advice and data for preparation of campaign materials necessary to regain UK freedom and democracy.(Freedom and democracy is only possible if we vote to leave the undemocratic EU).
  • Information to enable every UK citizen to understand and resist misleading EU propaganda. (Subjugation of UK citizens by unelected organisations is only possible if UK citizens believe mis-information spread by special interest groups).

UK Autonomy is not aligned with any political party.

UK Autonomy supports any organisation and individual who puts the future of the UK ahead of their self interest.

UK Autonomy does not support any organisation or individual using the objectives of UK freedom for purpose of:

  • Self interest and personal gain.
  • Benefiting their own organisation at the expense of the UK as a whole.

NOTE!  Every effort has being made to ensure the correctness of all details on ukautonomy.uk.
It is not necessary to believe anything on this website!
All we ask is that you check all sources of information with equal thoroughness.